Skowhegan State Fair Runs on Clean Energy

Skowhegan State Fair Runs on Clean Energy

The Skowhegan State Fair this year will manage all its energy requirements from wind energy. The management of the 10-day fair expects nearly 60,000 people to attend the major event in the town. The event organizers have also planned ‘create your own wind blade’ contest.

Portland-based ‘Wind for Maine’ has sponsored this year’s energy requirements of the fair. The event has been supported by wind energy advocacy group, Maine Ocean and Wind Energy Initiative. The power required for the fair will be sourced from various wind farms around the state. The wind farms across the state feed the electricity generated at their facilities to the existing electric power grids and receive credits for their contribution to the grid.

Thomas Dillon, president of the Skowhegan State Fair, informed that they expect the power bill in range of $6,000 to $7,000. The fair organization team has not faced any glitches so far.

The Wind Energy advocacy groups see the fair as an ideal place to increase awareness about renewable and clean energy, among locals. The wind energy campaign has received mixed reviews in the state.

The critics of wind energy complain that the large and potentially noisy wind farms will disrupt the rural character of the region. The Maine Department of Environmental Protection has several proposals for wind farms under review.

In 2013, 7.4 percent of energy generated in Maine was through wind farms. The average residential bill in the state is $77, as per the data published by the U.S. Energy Information Association.


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