Spiders Are a Free Pest Control Service, Says Professor Adam Hart

Spiders Are a Free Pest Control Service, Says Professor Adam Hart

Experts have revealed that huge spiders are all set to invade British homes as winter arrives. They said that this year the spiders will be larger in size because warm weather of summers provided them ample food, which made them grow bigger in size.

Gloucestershire University's Professor Adam Hart said that although spiders are not liked by most of the people, they play an important role in our ecosystem. Spiders feed themselves on some unwanted pests, which means they are a free pest control service, says Adam.

Professor Hart said, "By eating flies and other insects, spiders are not only providing us with a pest control service, but are also very important in our ecosystems because they often feed themselves on the most common species, preventing a few species from becoming dominant".

People have nothing to fear from big creepy crawlies rather they should welcome them instead of killing them and should try to know more about them, said Adam.

In order to know more about the spider species and sexes, experts at the Society of Biology and Gloucestershire University have created a new app through which one can easily find out more about this creature.

Experts reported that there are almost 660 species of spiders in the UK. And one of the rare species of spiders includes the 'spitting spider', which is a pale straw yellow spider with black markings and has an extremely large domed head. Experts said that this species of spider spits glue on its prey to stick the prey to the ground. This spider species is mostly found in older houses and is rarely active during the day.

Society of Biology says that Salticus or 'jumping spider' are among those spider species that are very often found on walls of houses. They have a squared-off head and two very big eyes.

Experts who developed the app said that it can even identify whether spiders are male or female. They say mostly female spiders are bigger in size. Female spiders lay more than 600 eggs in sacs which contain up to 60 eggs in each.


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