It’s better to settle for Mr. Okay than Waiting Endlessly for Mr. Right: Study

It’s better to settle for Mr. Okay than Waiting Endlessly for Mr. Right: Study

A new study from Michigan State University has found that from an evolutionary point of view, it’s better to settle for an ordinary or simply average mate than to wait for a better choice. MSU scientists studied risk aversion evolution tactics, finding that it’s simply human nature to settle for a safe bet when the stakes are high. A good example of this would be the choice to either mate or not to mate.

As per Chris Adami, co-author of the study and a MSU professor of microbiology and molecular genetics, ancient humans probably had to face choices on whether they would be finding a better mate in the future or if they should mate with their first, less desirable partner and risk progeny that would be lower.

A majority would simply prefer to settle rather than waiting for either Mr. or Miss Right to come along since that choice would risk never mating in the first place.

Adami and his colleague and co-author Arend Hintze used a computational model and ran simulations tracing risk-taking practices in human populations over thousands of generations of evolutionary development using digital organisms.

These creatures were programmed for making bets in high-payoff wagers and this reflected the decisions that might change their lives.

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