NY Times Article raises Concern over Cancer Risk posed by Smartwatches and Cellphones

NY Times Article raises Concern over Cancer Risk posed by Smartwatches and Cellp

A New York Times article raised concerns over higher chances of developing cancer for users of the Apple Watch and similar wearable devices. The article has claimed that small amounts of radiation emitted by smart devices, like Cellphones and smartwatches, could cause brain tumors, cancer, disturbed blood rhythms and other health problems.

The article criticized companies like Apple and Samsung for playing with health of people by encouraging them to buy gadgets that have to be attached to the body all day long despite knowing that it can cause cancer.

The article further said that a Swedish report found that talking on a Cellphones for extended time leads to triple fold rise in the risk of developing brain cancer. Apple and Samsung have not commented on the matter so far.

"I'm no longer going to talk on my cellphone for long periods of time without a headset. And I will likely also keep my soon-to-be-born son away from cellphone use until his brain develops", said Nick Bilton, a technology writer for the Times and who wrote the article in question.

The article was however criticized by many other science journalists who said that it was based on bogus research.


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