New Best Buy trade-in deal; exchange Xbox 360 or Sony PS3 for Xbox One plus $100 gift card

New Best Buy trade-in deal; exchange Xbox 360 or Sony PS3 for Xbox One plus $100

Some good news for those planning to purchase Xbox One, Best Buy could the best place to make your purchase. The retailer is offering a trade-in-deal where you can exchange the working Xbox 360 or Sony PlayStation 3 for a $75 coupon good toward an Xbox One along with a minimum $100 gift card.

The deal is valid till Saturday, June 20 and there are two options of availing the scheme. One, you can exchange a working Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 console, and get a $75 coupon that can be redeemed toward the purchase of an Xbox One.

The second option is exchange a working Xbox 360 250 gigabyte edition or Sony PlayStation Slim, for a minimum $100 gift card. Therefore, the right combination will fetch you at least $175.

There are a few different Xbox One models and bundles for the buyers to choose from. The Xbox One 1TB Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle is priced $400 while the Xbox One 500GB Special Edition Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle will cost $350.

Best Buy has listed certain requirements to qualify for the trade-in-deal, stating that your Xbox 360 or PS3 should be in good working condition and the AC adapter must also be included. Also, the deal is applicable only in Best Buy stores and is not compatible with any other trade-in offers. And another thing, the deal allows one trade per person.

In an another endeavour to combat competition, Microsoft on Monday's Expo show announced a line-up of new games along with the news that more than 100 Xbox 360 games will now work on the Xbox one.


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