Tesla Model S P85D electric car gets best-ever rating from Consumer Reports

Tesla Model S P85D electric car gets best-ever rating from Consumer Reports

The Tesla Model S P85D electric car has gone beyond the levels being set by Consumer Reports Ratings system. The car has performed great in Consumer Reports Ratings system than any other ever has. The modified version of the Tesla S sedan has received the best-ever vehicle ratings.

Mark Rechtin, automotive editor for the consumer group, was of the view, "With a six-figure price-tag, the P85D is expensive, meaning its virtues will be experienced by a rare few. But its significance as a breakthrough model that is pushing the boundaries of both performance and fuel-efficiency is dramatic".

The group is quite positive about the level achieved by the P85D. Consumer Reports has given the P85D a 100/100 rating. It has crossed the level attained by the Tesla S, which received 99/100, two years back.

Rechtin affirmed that the vehicle received 103 marks, but that is not possible as per the Consumer Reports' system. Therefore, they have to adjust and settle at 100. The group found the new vehicle to be great in energy efficiency, safety and performance.

Rechtin said that the car's thrust is quite forceful. Talking about the acceleration, Rechtin said, "It makes it frighteningly eerie in its silent velocity. It's so explosively quick that Tesla has created an 'insane' driving mode". The engine impulse the car from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds, said Rechtin.


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