Former federal scientist Tony Turner resigns as he no more wants to be sidelined

Former federal scientist Tony Turner resigns as he no more wants to be sidelined

Former federal scientist Tony Turner was welcomed by Elizabeth May, leader of Green Party of Canada, on the stage at a Vancouver campaign rally where he sang his viral folksong ‘Harperman’.

Turner stepped down from his post after he was asked to be on leaves in the case of allegedly breaching the federal government's values and ethics code for public servants as recording and posted the song on You Tube.

As Turner sung, May sang along the background. Turner shared with the audience that main reason behind his resignation is that he no more wants to be sidelined. “We have this leadership that is appealing to our base instincts of fear, hatred, selfishness, greed. That's what our government is doing to appeal to voters. And I think we're better than that. I know we're better than that”, affirmed Turner.

He said the nation needs a leader who can inspire people and who believes in co-operation, fairness and justice. May said that she wants science should be an important part of decision making in the government of Canada.

There are many who do not like Stephen Harper’s way of restricting scientists from sharing about their own research. They are also against with the way he has fired researchers in the last four years.

Turner has been suspended with pay this summer. As per Turner, he has acted as per his rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and also said that he has not gone against Environment Canada's values and ethics code.


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