Highly Pathogenic H7N8 Avian Influenza Found in Commercial Turkey Flock in Indiana

Highly Pathogenic H7N8 Avian Influenza Found in Commercial Turkey Flock in India

Bird flu has found its first victim since the end of last year’s outbreak, and it’s Indiana. A report of the Unites States government states that highly pathogenic H7N8 avian influenza has been found in a commercial turkey flock in Dubois County of the Midwestern state.

The US Department of Agriculture’s Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service inspected the case and found that the strain has affected a flock of 60,000 birds. The strain is different from last year’s outbreak, the agency reported in a statement on January 15. It also said that authorities are investigating the nearby areas to find if the strain is present in other flocks too.

Earlier, France reported some cases of the flu. Since then, poultry producers of the US were on the edge. Previous year’s outbreak, which officially ended in June, cost the poultry industry more than $3.3 billion. The outbreak also led to record-high egg prices.

“Producers have been discussing the new outbreak in a series of conference calls since they first became aware of the Indiana case late yesterday”, John Brunnquell, Egg Innovations president, said in a statement. The response has been rapid, and culling of birds happened throughout the night, he added.

Terry Reilly, an analyst at Futures International LLC in Chicago, said the most surprising thing about the flu is its timing and no one was expecting the disease as it does not appear two or three months after the first outbreak. This time, the timing has surprised everyone has left them nonplussed, Reilly added.

Indiana is famous for poultry as the state’s poultry industry is at fourth spot in the US in turkey production. In addition, it ranks first in duck production, and third in eggs.


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