Education may play a big role in reducing dementia risk

Education may play a big role in reducing dementia risk

This study provides the strongest evidence till date that a more educated population and better cardiovascular health are helping to bring about a decline in new dementia cases over the time. The study has found that the risk of developing dementia is declining for people having at least a high school education.

Changes in lifestyle and improvements in physical health can bring a delay cognitive decline. The decline reported in the new study was the strongest in vascular dementia, which is most directly linked to cardiovascular problems. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia has also declined.

The research published in the New England Journal is considered to be quite an important one as it has looked at the emergence of new cases of dementia. The research findings are based on the data from the Framingham Heart Study, a large collected of detailed health information that started 1948 with participants from Framingham, Massachusetts. The research has continued to follow them and their children and grandchildren.

In the study, the researchers have assessed the cognitive status of 5,025 people age 60 and older in four different periods starting from 1977. The researchers have found a steady decline of around 20% in new dementia cases in every decade. The researchers have also noticed on an average, people were elderly when they came to know they were having dementia.

“Whether education is beneficial in itself or whether education is a marker for other things like poverty and unhealthy lifestyle, we didn’t parse that out”, affirmed Dr. Sudha Seshadri, a neurologist at Boston University Medical Center and the senior researcher with the Framingham Heart Study.

The researchers have strongly mentioned that higher education is better. There are a number of theories regarding as to why education may stave off dementia.


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