Air Pollution rising as a cause of death in India, China and other emerging economies

Air Pollution rising as a cause of death in India, China and other emerging econ

The number of deaths caused Air pollution has gone up in the recent decades and India, China and some other developing economies are among the major suffering regions across the world. A new research has found that air pollution and health conditions related to air pollution are causing more deaths across the world compared to the data collected for 1980s.

The emissions from factories in China continued growing unabated for many years and finally, the Chinese government has decided to take strict action to improve air quality in its major cities. India is also suffering due to increased use of vehicles. And, India has witnessed growth in diesel vehicles in the past decade. Unless these major Asian economies adopt strict measures to control air pollution, the number of death cases related to pollution is only expected to rise in future.

Study lead author Michael Brauer, professor at the University of British Columbia's School of Population and Public Health in Vancouver, Canada said, "Air pollution is a major global health issue that is probably something that many people experience, but that is not as well-recognized by the health sector in general."

Power plants, vehicle exhaust, burning of coal and wood, and industrial activity have been regarded as major cause of air pollution. The current research team comprised of researchers from Canada, United States, China and India.

The current study was an extension of the Global Burden of Disease Study. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington has been leading the led the Global Burden of Disease Study.

The study team noted that more than 85 percent of the world population lives in regions that exceed the safe level of pollutants in air, as suggested by the World Health Organization.

The research team has urged that governments in developing countries should work with automobile companies to implement strict regulations for vehicle emissions. Companies should work on improving the filters in vehicles, especially commercial vehicles, to improve emissions standards.

Brauer added, “Nobody actually goes to the hospital and goes to the physician to be treated for 'air pollution disease. All understanding of air pollution and its effects has to be done in a statistical modeling framework. When you feel pretty good about the numbers then you can compare them to others to see what the problem is. You'll never know for sure if somebody died from air pollution.”

People need to recognize air pollution as a major health threat. Unless a change in viewpoint is there, we can’t expect miraculous improvement in air quality.


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