Binghamton University Study says Easter Island Civilization didn’t Vanish Due to Internal Bloody Battles

Binghamton University Study says Easter Island Civilization didn’t Vanish Due to

A study by researchers at the Binghamton University has suggested that warfare wasn’t responsible for the downfall of ancient civilization. The artifacts found at Easter Island were used by ancient humans as general purpose tools, the study added.

As per an old belief, warfare led demolition of ancient civilization of Easter Island. A team of the university researchers, led by Carl Lipo, examined 400 mata'a collected from the island with morphometrics technique. The unique method allows them to quantitatively characterize the artifacts’ shape. They found that shapes of and mata'a other weapons were like ordinary weapons used as general purpose tools.

Most of the weapons have designs not similar to war weapons, as per the study. Lipo, a professor of anthropology at Binghamton University, said the fact that anything can be used as a war weapon cannot be ignored, but artifacts of warfare must have high performance characteristics. The tools that were examined during the study don’t have something that can be considered as an evidence of warfare, Lipo pointed.

The researcher also said that there are very few possibilities that warfare led to downfall of ancient civilization. The old notion is just an interpretation given by late Europeans as it opposed to an actual archaeological event, as per Lipo.

From a long time, it has been believed that Easter Island warfare caused the island’s civilization collapse. As per some historians, the ancient civilization vanished due to internal bloody battles fought over resources. The new study suggests, “The islanders’ ancient civilization did not vanish due to internal bloody battles fought over resources. Until the arrival of Europeans, the Easter Island civilization was thriving”.

The study published in the journal Antiquity has brought a long-term myth in limelight which points towards the self-destruction of the islanders. The truth about Easter Island’s civilization downfall is still a secret.

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