Tesla sends invites for Model 3 unveiling event in California

Tesla sends invites for Model 3 unveiling event in California

Tesla Motors has started sending invites to media and automobile experts for showcasing of Model 3, its latest car aimed at customers looking for a cheaper version of Tesla’s electric sedans. Tesla Model 3 will be unveiled on March 31 by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk. Tesla has not revealed all about the event and the venue yet. Tesla Model 3 would cost $35,000 before incentives, according to the company.

Model 3 will be Tesla’s fourth electric car and will be targeting budget consumers who are looking at saving money while caring for the environment. Tesla has earlier informed that Model 3 could be delivered by late 2017.

Tesla has already received good response for Model S Sedan, Tesla Roadster and Model X SUV. The company has pledged to improve its vehicle deliveries by adding more capacity at its current manufacturing facilities. Tesla has improved its financials in the last two quarters as the company delivered the vehicles it had promised earlier.

All electric Tesla Model 3 could have a range of 200 miles in a single charge. Model 3 could look like a smaller Model S. The company might do away with some luxuries offered in Model S to save the costs.

After federal tax credits, consumers could save big on purchasing Model 3. As per estimates published by ZDNet, Tesla Model could cost as low as $21,500 in Colorado. Depending on federal credit eligibility, consumers would get different discount on Model 3.

Chevrolet is coming up with all electric 2017 Chevy Bolt in by late 2016. Chevy Bolt will cost $37,500 and will be a direct competitor of Tesla Model 3.

Tesla doesn’t spend money on advertising its new products. The company gets the much needed media attention as everyone is media is curious about what Tesla would be doing next in electric vehicle segment. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk plays the perfect role of marketing manager for the company. Musk reveals all the important details on his twitter account about Tesla Motors and SpaceX (another venture run by Elon Musk in space technology sector). The company has saved billions of dollars in advertising money with its innovative marketing skills.

A Forbes report by Mark Rogowsky said, “Out here in California, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn most Tesla owners were planning on acquiring a Model 3 for a child. Or a nanny. Or an assistant. You may not like that, but it’s a real phenomenon. Out everywhere else, there are tons of people who want a Tesla today but either can’t afford the $70,000+ Model S or don’t want a full-size sedan.”

Regarding reserving Model 3, the ZDNet report said, “Tesla has confirmed that on April 1 customers will be able to pre-order the Model 3 online before it hits the streets in late-2017. We assume this pre-order system works on a first come, first serve basis.”


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