Parents left in dark for weeks after dean of students arrested for possessing drugs

Parents left in dark for weeks after dean of students arrested for possessing dr

Parents of students at a public high school in New Hampshire are grumbling that they were left in the dark for several weeks about the arrest of the dean of students for heroin and steroids possession.

Rekha Luther, former dean of students at Pembroke Academy was arrested in February and charged with multiple felony counts of possession of heroin and steroids. The 36-year-old former dean resigned from the position in March.

Jeanne LaBarge, parent of a student at the high school, said she was very surprised to find Luther's name in police records and notice that she was no longer listed among the academy's staff.

Expressing unpleasant surprise, LaBarge said, "Somebody just disappears from a position of authority and nobody asked questions? The kids don't say anything? It's amazing to me how they kept this so quiet."

Confirming Luther's arrest, Pembroke police Chief Dwayne Gilman said police had launched a probe after someone found a bundle of hypodermic needles at the school campus. The probe led police to Luther.

Luther was handcuffed and taken away from the high school in a police cruiser on 17th of February. Gilman added that the students didn't need to see that kind of stuff, so officers did that discreetly.


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