14-Year-old rightly explains to her teacher why BMI is not correct measure of person’s health

14-Year-old rightly explains to her teacher why BMI is not correct measure of pe

A 14-year-old adopted a unique way to make her physical education teacher understand as to why body mass index (BMI) is an old method of assessing one’s health status. They were given take-home assignment in which they asked to answer questions including what is BMI and also calculate the same.

But Tessa Embry, an eighth grader from Evansville, Indiana, said that she cannot provide her answers to these questions. She thinks that BMI is not an accurate measure of person’s health. Embry is a softball player and she has refused to make BMI calculation and said to her teacher that it was none of her concern.

BMI as per National Institutes of Health is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. There are many who claim that BMI does not allow for bone, fat and muscle proportions. This means that athletes and health-conscious people can result as overweight or obese.

Tessa wrote to her teacher, “'BMI is an outdated way of defining normal weight, under weight, overweight, and obesity by taking one person’s height divided by their weight”. She also mentioned in her lengthy answer that BMI should not be used in a school setting where student are already quite self conscious and lack self confidence about their bodies.

Tessa said that she is fit and will not allow some outdated calculator to define that she is obese. Tessa's mother Mindi Embry, a teacher, said that she is proud of her daughter for speaking out her heart in public.

Mindi Embry has also urged schools not to teach BMI in this way as children are self-aware in terms of ‘where they fit in with everyone else’ and are self-conscious about their bodies.


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