Five Sexual Assaults across Two College Campuses jolt Indiana

Five Sexual Assaults across Two College Campuses jolt Indiana

This week, at least five sexual misconduct cases were reported on two college campuses in Indiana. Women rights advocates have asked victims to come forward to seek help. Victims of the sexual assaults shouldn’t be afraid to seek help, said the advocates.

The most recent case of sexual misconduct was reported on this Friday, and belongs to the Purdue University, said local police staff in a statement. At least three more such cases have been reported on the college campus this week, but they occurred during last fall, as per the police records.

Students at the Indianapolis city’s Butler University learned that an incident of sexual assault took place at the college campus earlier this week. As per a statement by officials, the victim was not in favor of launching an investigation. The victim didn’t want police or university officials to look into the matter, they added.

In a statement, police revealed that a student faced sexual assault in Hawkins Hall. That case was reported after three sexual assault cases that were reported earlier this week. This incident occurred about months earlier, as per the police.

Experts say in case of sexual assault, people should be careful while talking to a victim. Nobody should blame a victim. One key thing to remember is not to blame a victim, said forensic nurse Pamella Jahnke from the Center of Hope, an organization that works to provide comfort to sexual assault victims. In such situations, one should be supportive with the victim and encourage them to seek counseling she added.

She further said, “There’s a lot of varying factors with that, it could be related the emotional and the psychological turmoil that’s going on with them, they could have been assaulted by someone that they know”.

In a report published by the Indystar, "Mumps, first reported in February on many local college campuses, has continued to spread with a total of 65 people in Central Indaina who have now been diagnosed with the highly contagious respiratory disease, state health officials say."

While the majority of cases have occurred on college campuses, 15 community cases, unconnected to those at colleges, also have been reported, the Indiana State Department of Health said Friday in a news release. There have been 24 confirmed cases at Butler University, 18 at Indiana University and four each at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and Purdue University.

"Indiana health officials are telling Hoosiers to check their vaccination records amid an outbreak of mumps that has sickened at least 65 people across the state," according to a news report published by theNewsDispatch.

The Indiana State Department of Health said Friday the confirmed cases of mumps includes 24 at Butler University in Indianapolis, 18 at Indiana University in Bloomington and four each at Purdue University in West Lafayette and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Fifteen other cases unrelated to the campus outbreaks have been confirmed in central Indiana.

According to a report in WishTv by Jeff Wagner, "After five sexual assaults were reported across two Indiana college campuses this week, advocates are encouraging victims to not be afraid to seek help. Police said one case was reported at Purdue University Friday morning. Police added that three more cases were reported on campus this week, however the incidents occurred last fall."

In Indianapolis, students at Butler University learned a sexual assault happened on campus earlier this week. But officials said in a statement that the victim did not want police, nor the university, to investigate. Just as each sexual assault case is different, so is the reaction from the victims. But experts on the crime said whatever victims do next, the key is to remember to remember not to blame themselves for what happened.


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