Cancer surgery live streamed with an aim to lessen expenses of medical student training

Cancer surgery live streamed with an aim to lessen expenses of medical student t

On April 14, UK doctors carried out a cancer surgery that was live streamed across the world. The surgery that turned into a virtual reality experience has especially proved beneficial for medical students, who were able to have almost real experience of inside the operating room.

The virtual-reality experience was only possible owing to the 360-degree view of the procedure that was made available through provider Medical Realities website. Dr. Shafi Ahmed, co-founder of Medical Realities, headed the surgery which was live streamed.

Dr. Ahmed and his team performed a colon cancer operation, wherein the removal of cancerous tissues of the patient was captured. Main aim of the surgery was to reduce the expenses of medical student training. Dr. Ahmed founded a pilot program named ‘Virtual Surgeon’ in order to help medical students practice surgeries before they step into the actual operating room.

With the latest video released through the program, Ahmed has shown that how feasible it is to demonstrate the nuances of surgeries through virtual reality. The objective of the program is to make students feel what it would be like, performing a complex surgery. They can feel what it would be like, to be in position of an experienced surgeon.

Thursday’s video is not the last one, and is just a start as per Dr. Ahmed. The team plans to come up with a library of such types of clips that can be used as an educational tool in medical students. In the recent surgery, the team has used two cameras to capture all the details as Dr. Ahmed operated on the 70-year-old patient.

The footage has also been made available in an app called VRinOR. Matavision, the company, which has provided the cameras, said that the main aim of the program is to provide a real experience than just presenting the details of a surgery. Technology has made education to step up in every way possible.

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