Two-fifths of people suffering from Parkinson’s in the UK hide their condition

Two-fifths of people suffering from Parkinson’s in the UK hide their condition

According to new findings released by Parkinson’s UK, 40% of the people with Parkinson’s in the South East hide their symptoms. People are not revealing their conditions of Parkinson’s that affect their condition further as they do not get right treatment at appropriate time. As the patients are struggling emotionally to deal with the disease, their condition becomes worse in absence of proper care.

The study which led to the findings was released to mark the start of Parkinson’s Awareness Week. The people reported to have been hiding their conditions were asked reasons due to which they were afraid to disclose their condition.

The majority of them, around 66% said they feel embarrassed and awkward. Next biggest proportion, 40%, felt they would be judged, while 34% thought the symptoms were not socially accepted.

Presently, there are 127,000 people with Parkinson’s in the UK, with an estimated 5,600 affected in the South East. The research concluded that around 42,000 people in the UK have delayed sharing their diagnosis with someone close to them.

The proportion of them who chose to delay in South East was 32%, while 30% were unaware how to talk regarding their disease with their family. Those who weren’t ready to accept the diagnoses were 35%.

On the other hand, there were two in 10 people with Parkinson’s in the South East who shared their conditions with friends, family or colleagues. About 28% of them described sharing their condition with others as something as “coming out”.

“We know that the right support, whether through family, friends or Parkinson’s UK, is vital for those with the condition, to help them come to terms with their diagnosis and know that they’re not alone. We are here to help people”, said Steve Ford, Chief Executive at Parkinson’s UK.

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