Uber reduces waiting time to 2 minutes, levies cancellation fee in selected cities

Uber reduces waiting time to 2 minutes, levies cancellation fee in selected citi

Uber is trying out a new policy in the US in Phoenix, Dallas, New Jersey and New York in which riders will have just two minutes to hop into their waiting Uber rather than five minutes. Uber is trying a shorter waiting window as it aims to improve efficiency on its ridesharing network.

Currently, an Uber driver will wait for you for five minutes without any fee. But as per the new policy, drivers can charge a fee after two minutes of waiting time. If the customer is genuinely stuck up and not being able to get into the car then driver will still wait for five minutes before abandoning the fare.

Uber clarified on the matter that if you make a driver wait for more than two minutes you will not be charged. In fact, you will be charged the per minute rate in your city starting after the two minutes mark rather than being charged for the trip after getting into the car.

Also, you will now get two minutes to change your mind after booking a ride rather than five minutes, which used to be the case before. If you cancel the booking later then you will have to pay cancellation fee.

Main aim behind introducing these measures is to encourage passengers to be in the car quickly and to lessen on the unpaid time drivers have to spend waiting and allow them to fit in more fares.

Uber’s spokesperson said, “Drivers' time is valuable, and while we expect riders to request a ride only once they’re ready, we know that waiting for a rider at their pickup location can be frustrating”.

The spokesperson also cleared that drivers will still be required to wait at least five minutes for a rider before cancelling on a rider. For now, Uber does not plan to expand the policy to other cities.


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