Prospective Electric vehicle makers have many challenges

Prospective Electric vehicle makers have many challenges

Electric vehicle are seen as next generational automobiles that would be choice of future car buyers. However, the future of EVs looks blur and highly competitive. The concept is not being promoted coordinately around the world. There are threats lingering around production of such concept cars. On the other hand, many new carmakers are trying to explore potential of such innovative technology that would increase competition.

At Tokyo Motor Show last October, the Japan’s second-biggest automaker and the world’s prospective biggest seller of electric vehicles, Nissan, launched its showcase concept car with a slogan ‘millennials do not love cars the way their parents did’. The carmaker said that they would better introduce something like its Teatro for Dayz, which is an electric concept vehicle that ensures constant online connectivity, creativity and shared experience for its passengers.

The slogans might be popular, but messages spared by Nissan are not. The idea that next generation of drivers would seek battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs) is not received well. The idea emphasizes to encourage next generation buyers to become prospective buyers. However, the idea could not be flourished quickly and widely without funding high quality global journalism.

There are other issues to consider. Car makers from all across were highly fascinated by the idea of introducing their EVs at the Auto China show that was held in Beijing in April. But questions related to fundamental design, battery efficiency, and battery pricing and driving range are not yet answered. There is more challenge on the way of car makers to make EVs. The new competitors such as Tesla, Apple and Google are taking part in the industry becoming a challenge for existing firms.


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