Elon Musk reveals details of his plan to achieve human mission to Mars by 2025

Elon Musk reveals details of his plan to achieve human mission to Mars by 2025

In nine years, people will land on Mars only if everything goes as per the plan of Elon Musk. On Friday, SpaceX founder and CEO Musk shared more details about his plan to make a human mission to the Red Planet a reality by 2025.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Musk said that the way explorers bravely carried out the journey to the New World centuries back, presently there are people willing to be the pioneers who first set foot on Mars, despite the number of dangers involved.

But there are a series of milestones SpaceX need to achieve to make anybody sets off on the journey.

As per the CNBC, the chances of keeping the company’s Mars agenda on track is dependent on the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful operational rocket in the world, with a successful first launch in fall. The SpaceX website shows off that the Falcon Heavy has the capability to lift double the payload of its nearest competitor, at one-third expense.

In 2018, the Falcon Heavy rocket is going to be used next time to boost the Dragon spacecraft to the Red Planet.

According to the SpaceX website in 2012, history was made by Dragon on becoming the first ever commercial spacecraft to deliver cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) and send back the cargo to Earth safely, a deed that was achieved by just governments previously.

While speaking to the Post, Musk said that by 2020, he has planned to fly minimal two Falcon Heavy rockets and Dragon spacecraft packed with experiments to Mars.

He told the Post, “Essentially what we’re saying is we’re establishing a cargo route to Mars. It’s a regular cargo route. You can count on it. It’s going to happen every 26 months. Like a train leaving the station”.


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