Uber enables users to schedule rides up to 30 days in advance in Seattle

Uber enables users to schedule rides up to 30 days in advance in Seattle

In an announcement, ride-hailing company Uber said that now its users can reserve a ride around a month in advance. Uber wrote on its blog that the service has begun on Thursday in Seattle and the company will expand the service in other cities in near future.

This feature hasn’t been offered for the first time ever by a ride-hailing service. USA Today reported that in May, Lyft announced that it has begun testing a similar program in San Francisco, while Gett came up with a scheduled-ahead service for over a year in the markets it operates.

With these companies tuning up the taxi and limousine industries, the announcement made by Uber demonstrates that it, Lyft, and Gett have discovered that mustn’t abandon a lot of taxi and limo features in the name of ‘on-demand’.

While speaking to Wired.com, Tom Fallows, Uber’s director of global experiences said, “Even though we’re an on-demand company, we totally get it. Sometimes you just want that extra reassurance that your Uber will be there when you want to leave”.

With this newly introduced feature of Uber, a user can schedule a ride in a time phase between half-an -hour and a month in advance. For now, a user can avail the feature through Uber X, the ride-hailing company’s less costly, private vehicle option. The ride can be canceled by the user any time before the ride is on its way, cost free.

According to The Boston Globe, pre-scheduling isn’t going to impact drivers, who fail to match with riders well in time. Furthermore, users can’t avoid surge pricing, wherein a ride’s cost goes up at peak hours, either.

The latest schedule-ahead service is a turnaround to Uber’s long-held stance regarding how, and when, it serves its users.


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