Rising temperature in Arctic linked to summer ice melt in Greenland

Rising temperature in Arctic linked to summer ice melt in Greenland

A latest study that appeared in Nature Communications has disclosed that the Arctic’s rising temperature could be linked to Greenland’s summer ice melt.

Climatologists have apparently found traces of Arctic amplification. They noticed that faster warming of the Arctic area in comparison to other places in the Northern Hemisphere is leading to the gradual disappearance of the sea ice.

The study demonstrated that the effects of Arctic amplification occurred last year in Greenland, resulting into record summer ice melt when a northern swing of jet stream arrived further north during that time of the year.

On Earth, Greenland has the second biggest ice sheet after Antarctica. In case the ice it holds entirely melts, it would notably increase the world's sea level by 7 meters on average. Once scientists identify the factors driving huge ice melting near the polar ice caps of Earth, they would be able to distinguish how freshwater runoff from malted ice of Greenland will affect the global ocean circulation.

Global News quoted lead author Marco Tedesco, adjunct scientist at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), saying that in case sea ice loss is bringing changes in the jet stream, then the jet stream is altering Greenland, in turn impacting the Arctic system and the climate.

The report said that the jet stream has reached 76 degrees latitude up north, about a couple of degrees than the 2009 record. The authors of the study have compiled a NOAA's Arctic report card, indicating that the Greenland ice melt reached summer record levels exceeding over 50% of the ice sheet.

The findings also suggested that with the rising global temperature melting down the sea ice in the Arctic, the open water has got exposed to greater solar radiation which is just worsening the scenario by warming up the area.


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