Huge demand pushes Domino’s to end free pizza promotion with T-Mobile

Huge demand pushes Domino’s to end free pizza promotion with T-Mobile

The latest ‘un-carrier’ move of T-Mobile, an attempt to reward its customers with freebies provided through an app, known as T-Mobile Tuesdays, has been only a bit too popular.

There was such a huge demand of app and its various promotions that the app got crashed due to the flood of customers. Now, one of the company’s best offered deals ever, free Domino’s pizza, has been pulled.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere said that Domino’s has failed to handle the rise in order volume, thus pulled out of the promotion until further notice. The CEO is aware of the fact that the loss of the Domino’s deal would be a blow, thus has put the blame on the pizza chain and even came up with an internal Domino’s memo describing the reason behind the company decision to exit the promotion.

The memo, among a number of things, told its retail staff that it was aware the program had ‘put a lot of stress on your stores’.

The memo read, “After reviewing yesterday’s results and taking your feedback into account, the decision has been made not to continue the T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion unless we can find a solution that is best for the brand”.

The tweet by Legere also noted that the stores of Domino’s have seen three to four times the volume of usual Tuesday’s sales.

The boost in pizza orders was obviously a factor in the decision taken by T-Mobile’s, the promotion had already been leaving T-Mobile customers said when they discovered that Domino’s was making the number of free pizzas per store limited because of promotion limits.

Stores didn’t entertain the coupons for the free pizza offered by the T-Mobile Tuesdays app anymore, making users annoyed.


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