Many public and private organizations planning to launch missions to Mars in future

Many public and private organizations planning to launch missions to Mars in future

The NASA robots presently conducting research and experiments at the Red Planet and rolling around its surface will soon get company as many companies are working on space projects. Numerous distinct public and private organizations ranging from the US space agency NASA, to the European Space Agency (ESA), to Elon Musk's dedicated company SpaceX, have been looking forward to launch missions to Mars in the coming times.

A few of such projects will probe the structure and composition of Mars, while others will look out for clues of life. Some experts said that the increased dedication on the Red Planet and its biological capabilities may accelerate other such efforts.

The international Mars exploration agenda is quite crowed for the coming few years. Space officials from China have plans of sending a rover to Mars by 2020. They also have been working for staging a mission that would collect Mars samples for coming back to Earth around 2030.

Europe’s ESA and Russia have joined hands on the two-phase hunt for life ExoMars program. The first phase contains a methane-sniffing orbiter along with an entry, descent and landing demonstrator module, which will reach on Mars in approaching October. The second phase is going to launch a drill-equipped rover in 2020, if we consider the present schedules.

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) spacecraft, also called Mangalyaan, went into orbit surrounding the Red Planet in September 2014. A joint working group of NASA and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was made to look into improved cooperation between both the countries in Mars exploration.


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