Syringe to Deploy New Complex Camera in Body

Syringe to Deploy New Complex Camera in Body

While, it is always insidious to have a look within the human body, but scientific innovations do make it easier to conduct the task. This is what motivated researchers from Germany to create a complex lens system, which is as small as a salt grain and can be deployed using a syringe.

This innovative imaging instrument will give rise not only to medical imaging with higher productivity, but also to tiny cameras getting equipped into every device, including drones and slimmer smartphones. An innovative 3D printing technology was used by the researchers at the University of Stuttgart to develop a three-lens camera.

The researchers revealed that sub-micrometer accuracy is provided using the new technology, which, for the first time, enables 3D printing of optical lens systems with two or more lenses. The potential for correction of deviations arises from the resulting multi-lens system, allowing better quality of images from smaller devices.

A femtosecond laser, with less than 100 femtoseconds of pulse durations, was used by the researchers, who blasted a light-sensitive material that was resting on a glass substrate. The material absorbed two photons, while the material itself exposes it and establishes a cross association between polymers within.

A solvent is used to wash away the unexposed material, while the optical element is created using the left behind hardened, cross-linked polymer. This technique was followed by the researchers for printing imaging components for optical microscopes, which were attached to an optical fiber. A camera is attached to the end of this endoscope.


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