Several Issues lead to 3.37 Million Toyota Recalls

Various Defects lead to 3.37 Million Toyota Recalls

Several issues have resulted in a global recall of 3.37 million cars by Toyota Motor Corp. The Japanese automaker has recalled vehicles due to the possibility of flaws in airbags and emissions control units.

It was announced by Toyota on June 28, 2016 that it is recalling 1.43 million cars, which require repair work owing to concerns associated with air bag inflators. Following this news, on June 29, the automaker revealed recalling of another 2.87 million cars owing to the risk of defects in emissions control units.

Certain models of the gasoline-electric hybrid Prius car of Toyota are affected by both the possible faults and thus the total number of global recalls has reached 3.37 million. None of the concerns have been reported to result in any damages or injuries.

The automaker explained that the Prius, Auris compact hatchback and Corolla models manufactured between 2006 and 2015 are equipped with evaporative fuel emissions control units, which are susceptible to cracking, resulting in expansion over a period of time and fuel leaks.

The recalls due to air bag inflator defects affected Prius models and Lexus CT200h cars manufactured between 2010 and 2012. This defect involves the air bag inflator having a small crack in the weld, which could possibly cause the inflator chambers to separate.

Auto parts maker Takata Corp. did not supply the defective inflator that might get partially inflated and thereby enter the interior of the vehicle, resulting in injuries. The air bag inflator recall involves approximately 482,000 cars from the United States.


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