BlackBerry might soon be forgotten in halls of US Senate

BlackBerry might soon be forgotten in halls of US Senate

The BlackBerry could be forgotten in the halls of the Capitol soon. On Wednesday, Senate staffers received an email, reading that once the Senate’s accumulation of nearly 600 BlackBerry phones gets depleted, no more BlackBerrys will be issued thereafter.

The memo read that once the Senate’s present in-house stock gets exhausted, there will be limited new device procurements, while supplies will be till warranty exchanges only. The memo has promised steady support for present devices.

The news came as a big disappointment for Senate staffer Ben Marter, who is sad that the BlackBerry, which according to him is the unsung workhorse of the Senate, wouldn’t be given to workers any longer.

Mr. Marter, who works as Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin’s communications director said, “It’s always been a love/hate thing for a lot of staffers. But no phone receives and sends emails faster, and the keyboard, which now seems like a relic of the past, is easy to use”.

For over ten years, the BlackBerry smartphone has been given to senators and their staffs, but the entry of fancier iPhones and Android phones developed by Samsung and other companies has made BlackBerry a quite marginalized brand.

Last year, BlackBerry’s smartphone market share was less than 1%, and it managed to sale just roughly 500,000 units in its most recent quarter ended on May 31. In comparison to it, Apple sold 51.2 million iPhones in the latest quarter that came to an end on March 26.

As per a spokeswoman for BlackBerry, the company has told cellphone carriers that it is stopping its line of BlackBerry Classic phones, which is a well known model on Capitol Hill.


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