Skin cancer rates among people aged 55 and above are rising, study finds

Skin cancer rates among people aged 55 and above are rising, study finds

A latest study found that skin cancer rates in people aged 55 and above are on rise. The widespread prevalence of holiday packages has apparently played a part in the large spike in skin cancer rates in middle-aged and older people because the ‘sun, sea and sangria generation’ looks out for the sun.

On yearly basis, 10,000 people in over 55s age group get melanoma diagnoses annually in Britain. In the mid-90s, it was just 3,100 diagnoses annually.

This is not all about the diagnoses. The Cancer Research UK report has also found that the number of senior people losing lives due to skin cases has gone up to 2,000 deaths a year.

In 1957, the British European Airways launched flights from London to Alicante, Spain for the first time for the promotion of its white beaches. However, numerous people visited there to enjoy their holiday, but hardly any of them took precautionary measures to remain guarded from the hazards of sunburn.

A 70-year-old retired teacher, Sue Deans, was part of the so-called ‘sun, sea and sangria generation’. Deans got diagnosed with melanoma two times, and it was spotted well in time. Following a successful surgery, Deans has been leading a healthy life since.

Deans said that being out in the sun was a quite good pastime for her. She even worked on her tan. With the passage of time, she got sunburnt ‘quite a bit’.

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