Chibulkova plans to postpone her wedding due to her progress in Wimbledon

Chibulkova plans to postpone her wedding due to her progress in Wimbledon

Probably, it has also been a rare incident in the recent history of Wimbledon. A player has reached the quarterfinal in the championship. But her advancement has come out as an obstruction to her wedding! It was Dominika Chibulkova. The Slovakian tennis player has shown great potential and progressed to the quarterfinal in Wimbledon on Monday night. Still she looked brooding over after coming out of the court. The reason is that her wedding has been scheduled on next Saturday. And the day has already been scheduled for the women's final.

Chibulkova said on Monday after the match, "I am not basically a grass court player." In spite of having commented, her scoreline against a top player like Agnieszka Radwanska could not be ignored. It was 6-3, 5-7, 9-7 and against the number three ranked player the World. Chibulkova took three hours and 84 minutes to silence her fancied opposition. And before winning such a hardy tie, Chibulkova had only one grass court triumph. That was Eastbourne grass court championship.

But after having reached the quarterfinal which is the Slovak's best performance so far, Chibulkova has said, "I should not think much now. I hope my would-be husband Miso Navara will not get angry. He is also expected to become happy after getting my news." Chibulkova also clarified, "It was the toughest match I have played so far." At the same time she admitted, "I will have to postpone my wedding if I can win against Elena Vesnina in the quarterfinal on Tuesday."


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