Venus Williams rewrites history by reaching Wimbledon last four after six years

Venus Williams rewrites history by reaching Wimbledon last four after six years

Probably, in last six years tennis lovers have forgotten that she is also a five-time Wimbledon champion. That might be the reason, journalists looked quite curious about her as they asked, "How has been your feeling after reaching the semifinal?" Venus Willams smiled and recalled, "I have already been here on the podium with the title for five times. So, my feelings after reaching the last four have been normal. It seems as if I am at my home."

Dragging the tennis fraternity into the world of surprise, Venus Williams, at an age of 36 years, have reached the semifinal of Wimbledon to Angelic Kerber. The German has already once shocked Serena Williams, crashing her dream of winning 22nd Grand Slam title to touch Steffi Graf's feat. And with Venus reaching the last four along with her sister Serena on the other side, there is possibility of Williams sisters vying for the Wimbledon title after a gap of seven years. They last met in the final in 2009.

However, Venus has stolen the limelight from her sister with her delightful tennis. Legendary tennis player Billie Jean King was ecstatic to have watched Venus on Tuesday. She said, "Probably, this has been the best of Venus I have watched her. Actually, people were not looking properly. And now she has drawn the attention only because she has reached the semifinal." Sererna herself was also in praise for her sister. Serena said, "Venus has always been my inspiration, right from the beginning when I started playing. I am amazed to watch how she can keep herself fit even at this age."


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