Tussle with Westbrooks forced Durant to move to warriors according to player’s sources

Tussle with Westbrooks forced Durant to move to warriors according to player’s sources

Kevin Durant finally decided not to go any other franchise than one of the best clubs in NBA. That is Golden State Warriors. The player who built himself as well as grew up for the Thunder in an Oklahoma City community has been now part of a Golden State Warriors team. Durant once called Oklahoma City was the perfect place for him. Now, Golden State Warriors is one of the most dangerous teams in the NBA league. Warriors now have players like Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant.

The Warriors had already been that Durant had eyes for the franchise. One of the reasons behind Durant's choice was Warriors' style of play. Durant had commented earlier, "Steve Kerr is an excellent coach whose style shows everything being delivered very easily." Another reason behind Durant's intention to switch over to Warriors from Thunders was his relationship with the team's players in recent times. Especially, Durant had built up a strong relationship with Stephen Curry as both were seen in the FIBA World Championship in 2010.

But the NBA society does not believe in these reasons. Rather they have a strong opinion that Russel Westbrook is the actual reason behind Durant's decision of leaving Oklahoma City Thunder towards Warriors. It was vivid that how Westbrook tirelessly criticized the player in spite of the fact that Durant had an impressive show as point guard in the last season with the team.

According to sources close to Durant, Westbook's effort to hold on to ball too much in almost every match and his stagnation in movement had made Durant unhappy. At the same time, coach Scott Brooks' strategy also was not conducive to play according to Durant.


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