Dwyane Wade breaks 13-year relationship with Miami Heat, joins Bulls

Dwyane Wade breaks 13-year relationship with Miami Heat, joins Bulls

Dwyane Wade is finally returning home. He could not announce it easily. His voice, while declaring the decision, seemed to be choking. He said, "It was extremely an emotional and tough decision." Wader might have been right as it could be tough and touching for anybody who would shift his allegiance to other club after spending 13 years with one club. Wade will leave Miami Heat after 13 seasons and sign with the Chicago Bulls.

The player has decided to sign a two-year deal with his new club. And it has been learnt that Wade will be earning nearly 47 million dollar from Bulls. It has also been believed that Miami Heat, in a desperate effort offered its All- Star player nearly 40 million dollar for a two year-contract. Wade is a player who has been All-Star for 12 times. He has been the member of NBA winning Miami Heat for three times and Wade was NBA finals MVP in 2006. The NBA specialists opined that Wade's decision of leaving Miami came at a time when his ascending started.

Despite the fact that Wade became emotional, he has stuck to his decision saying, "I think I have not made any mistake. And after talking to my family members for long time I have taken this decision, Wade said to the media after having confirmed about his letter to Miami Heat. There is another key factor to Wade's decision of joining Bulls was his remembrance of childhood days with Bulls. In his letter to Miami Heat, Wade has written, 'I grew up watching my father playing basketball on the courts of Fermi Elementary School and later his initiative in developing me as a basketball player in the Blue Island Recreation Centre, the cradle from where Bulls began its journey. Actually, I have seen Bulls growing up from its childhood also. And that used to inspire me every day.'


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