Brook Henderson hails her hockey experience to develop as a golfer

Brook Henderson hails her hockey experience to develop as a golfer

Teen Brooke Henderson, the golfer from Canada has been professional today. But she was born and brought up in an atmosphere where only one game used to revolve around her. That was hockey.

And naturally, Henderson, guided by her father had become a goalkeeper for Smiths Falls Cubs in Ontario. Just as her father Dave was also a goalkeeper for the University of Toronto hockey team. Henderson, wearing the protective pads, mask and a hockey stick, used to bend often during the training as well as during the match also.

She was an important player in the team that used to depend on her defending under the bars. And the golfer who has been one of the favorites in the US Women's Open, scheduled to start on Thursday, recalled while saying, "Playing hockey has helped her to shape her mind and competitive zeal."

And while explaining reasons behind switching over to golf from hockey, Henderson said, "I loved playing hockey. But I could view a better and longer future in golf." Simultaneously, she admitted, "It was a difficult decision to change the game. That is why, initially after I started playing golf, I also tried to continue with hockey. But it could not be finally possible."

But Henderson still seems obliged to her previous game. She said, "Whatever I have been today as a golfer, is because I was a competitive hockey player. As a hockey goalkeeper you have to take the heat of everything on the field. The same pressure comes in the golf and during the moment, hockey reminds me of fighting and fighting throughout. I have been stronger mentally only because I was a competitive hockey player."

Henderson is the second youngest golfer to have won a women's major behind KO by clinching title in the KPMGA Women's PGA championship in June.


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