Federer says after reaching last four that he regains his touch

Federer says after reaching last four that he regains his touch

It could have been the most grueling match for Roger Federer in recent times. On Thursday, the 34-year old Federer, before advancing to the semifinal, it seemed Federer's dream of achieving 11th Wimbledon title would be spoiled by his spirited opponent, Marin Cilic. But in spite of trailing by the first two sets, the artist bounced back, trouncing his opposition by 6-7(4), 4-6, 6-3, 7-6(9) 6-3. The gloomy face Goran Ivanisevic, the former star and presently the coach of Cilic was indicating the frustration of losers.

But did Federer get nervous ever? Even during the moment of crisis, Federer said, "I fought. I believed and I tried. I was not nervous at all. At the end I finally moved to the semifinal. It was no doubt a great match, more precisely,

one of the toughest matches in recent times." Federer was in very normal mood before the match on Wednesday. He, his family members and his coaching team had a meal before the match started at a players' restaurant. And during that time following request of giving autographs and uttering a few words from a member of the All England Club Federer did that. He met middle-aged women, his ardent supporters who were also sitting at a table nearby.

Federer talked to them, gave them autographs and even stood with them for a photograph. But after winning the grueling tie, Federer admitted that he was in trouble. He said, "Marin is a wonderful player. He forced me to my corner in the third and fourth set. But I am delighted only because after a long time, I could deliver according to my satisfaction." Roger Federer won his 307th singles title on Wednesday. Having already 17 Grand Slam titles in his kitty, the master now aims at his 11th Wimbledon title.


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