Brown Dwarf outside the Solar System is shrouded in Clouds of Water

Brown Dwarf outside the Solar System is shrouded in Clouds of Water

Exciting news for space lovers: Astronomers say there’s a brown dwarf hovering outside the solar system which may have water clouds. The extrasolar world, named WISE 0855, is the most frigid discrete world ever discovered outside the solar system, as per the astronomers.

Brown dwarfs are known as those stars that formed like other stars in the universe, but failed to shine because they didn’t have much needed physical compositions. The new discovery on WISE 0855, which was discovered in 2014 as a brown dwarf, was made by a team of astronomers working on Hawaii’s Gemini North telescope.

As per the astronomers, WISE 0855 is a brown dwarf 7.2 light-years away from us. Initial calculations on the cold world show that it has conditions similar to our solar system’s giant planet Jupiter. Data on it also confirms that the distant object may have water clouds. It also suggested that temperatures at WISE 0855 drop to around 20 below zero Celsius.

It’s so far that astronomers couldn’t study it effectively. It appears about five times fainter than other objects seen from ground-based telescopes, said Andy Skemer, a researcher from the University of California Santa Cruz and first author of a study on the new discovery.

“Now that we have a spectrum, we can really start thinking about what's going on in this object. Our spectrum shows that WISE 0855 is dominated by water vapor and clouds, with an overall appearance that is strikingly similar to Jupiter”, Skemer said in a statement.


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