Delaying launch of Touch controller seems not to be smart move for Oculus

Delaying launch of Touch controller seems not to be smart move for Oculus

The Oculus Rift did not receive the launch as it was expected. It is now being speculated that launching Rift without Touch controllers was not a smart move. Now, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe has announced that the controllers will be available in fourth quarter.

Iribe said that the Oculus team was quite occupied with the pre-orders. Experts said that the Touch release has been delayed to the second half of 2016, but people continue to wait for the Touch controllers.

It is being said that Oculus would not be in much comforting position, as the controllers adds to enriching the experience. Touch devices would add to Oculus overall experience. Developers who have been looking for multi-platform releases of ‘next gen’ content have been develop primarily for Vive for now. They have been waiting for Touch to be released.

The Touch system would act as a secondary system launch for Oculus. It is being said that Oculus will have a super competitive with pricing for Touch. Not so positive things could take place at a time when Oculus is facing threat from Sony’s console-powered PSVR.

There is a possibility that Oculus could face a tough time in convincing have a more sophisticated VR platform at the time when they have option of a PS4 and PSVR. Currently, Oculus has tied itself into two input methods- Xbox One and Touch.

It is being said that Oculus is not going to prioritize both controllers because of quality. Also, developers will not be interested in building content for both inputs owing to time limitation factor and people who have pre-ordered might not buy Torch owing to cost.


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