Opting for bicycle could lower your risk for type 2 diabetes: Research

Opting for bicycle could lower your risk for type 2 diabetes: Research

According to a latest research, the decision of going on two wheels instead of four may decrease your risk for type 2 diabetes. The study discovered that people who bike to office or cycle for fun face lesser chances of getting the illness.

Danish researchers said that the finding is true, even for the ones who started biking late in life. Study leader Martin Rasmussen from the University of Southern Denmark said that cycling can be a part of daily activities, so it could be appealing to huge part of the population. Rasmussen said that the fact is true for the ones who wouldn’t otherwise have the resources to indulge into physical activity due to lack of time.

The research included over 50,000 Danish men and women of the age group 50 years to 65 years. The researchers noted that the ones who bike everyday had lesser odds of developing type 2 diabetes. Besides, it showed that more time the participants did cycling, the lower was their likelihood of getting type 2 diabetes.

The biking habits of the participants were reassessed after a period of five years. The researchers found that the ones who began riding a bike on everyday basis had a 20% lower risk for type 2 diabetes in comparison to those who didn't routinely cycle.

The researchers considered risk factors that may have affected the participants' chances of suffering from type 2 diabetes, including waist circumference, smoking, alcohol, diet, and other types of exercises. But they admitted that other factors may have influenced their findings too.

The study has just noted an association between biking and type 2 diabetes risk, instead of a cause-and-effect link.


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