Study finds How Body Temperature Affects Immune System's Response to Common Cold

Study finds How Body Temperature Affects Immune System's Response to Common Cold

The most effective instruction if you have cold is to stay warm. Researchers from the United States have suggested that a warm body temperature is capable of fighting the common cold virus effectively.

A study by the researchers from the Yale University has shed new light on warm body’s association with common cold virus. It revealed how an individual’s immune system responds at different body temperatures. The team conducted experiments on mice and discovered that when temperature in the nose of mice dropped below 37C, the virus replicated more readily.

In additions, when the temperature of mice dropped to 33C, interferons got impaired, which encouraged the virus to reproduce, stated the team led by Akiko Iwasaki, a professor of Immunobiology. It was also found that even when interferon wasn’t there, cells still controlled the virus, the team added.

The researchers further investigated the link and found two additional mechanisms that help in dealing with the cold virus. They realized that infected cells died quickly at the core body temperature.

“The findings underscore the impact of temperature on the immune system's defences. They also offer further approaches for therapeutically tackling the cold virus, which is a key trigger of asthma”, said Iwasaki in a statement.

Now, after the study, there’re three way to fight the cold virus, added Iwasaki.

There’s another research, which suggested that zinc lozenges could also be effective in helping sufferers of cold. Zinc acetate may help reduce the duration of the common cold, it added.


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