Global Obesity: People should Reduce Amount of Calories They Consume From Fat

Global Obesity: People should Reduce Amount of Calories They Consume From Fat

Instead of giving too much attention to sugar in battle against obesity, it is important to consider fat consumption, suggested a new study by a team of researchers at the University of Glasgow. It even claimed that fat is more responsible for global obesity crisis than sugar.

The team found that people who are obese or overweight consumed more calories from fat, rather than sugar. The study suggests people to think of reducing their overall calorie intake, said Jill Pell, a researcher at the University of Glasgow and an author of the study.

If people consider reducing sugar intake and eat more fat, then it will become difficult to deal with global obesity, Pell added in a statement.

For the study, which has been published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, the research team collected data on over 130,000 individuals from the US. The participants completed diet questionnaires. Over half of the women were obese or overweight, while 66% men were with the problem, as per the study.

When these people were compared with normal weight people, the researchers found that the overweight or obese participants were taking higher part of calorie intake from fat. “The proportion of energy from fat in the diet, but not sugar, is higher among overweight/obese individuals. Focusing public health messages on sugar may mislead on the need to reduce fat and overall energy consumption”, said the researchers.

Results of the study have come just ahead of the Government's Childhood Obesity Strategy, which will be published soon in the summer.

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