Record Numbers of Turtle Nests Reported in South Carolina and Florida

Record Numbers of Turtle Nests Reported in South Carolina and Florida

Southeast is having a very good season of loggerhead sea turtle nesting. Record number of turtle nests has been seen in regions along coasts of Florida and South Carolina. The numbers also suggest that oceanic turtle will have a good season this year.

A report has been released by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources which shows that South Carolina alone has more than 4,900 nests. These are just preliminary figures and the count may increase in coming days, as per the report.

Hilton Head Island breaks previous records and has about 340 loggerhead sea turtle nests. During the nesting season of 2013, the region had 339 nests. The record nest surge has also been reported on Fripp Island and Harbor Island.

“And we’re not even done yet”, said Amber Keuhn of the Hilton Head Island Sea Turtle Protection Project.

From Longboat Key to Venice of Florida, more than 2,600 nests have been reported, and it’s a new record, said biologist Kristen Mazzarella from the Sea Turtle Conservation and Research Program at Mote Marine Laboratory.

Hatching of turtle eggs in both the regions has started, and biologists believe it is going to be a crucial time for the creature. As the hatchlings emerge, turtles start moving toward the ocean. Officials have already asked people living near oceans to turn off the lights that could shine toward the beach at night. They say it may confuse the turtles and lead them to move towards ground, instead of water.

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