Film-Watching Mice Explain Human Consciousness

Film-Watching Mice Explain Human Consciousness

Scientists have found a new way to understand human consciousness, allowing mice to view movies of Orson Welles. This seems to be one of the principles of the Allen Brain Observatory that will allow any user with access to Internet to investigate the brain of a mouse as it reacts to visual cues. The database was released on July 13, 2016.

According to the Chief Scientific Officer of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, Christof Koch, it can be considered as a telescope, which gives a view of inside the brain. The observatory has been developed by the Allen Institute for Brain Science.

Koch added that the aim of this attempt is to provide scientists and latent scientists with an opportunity to see via telescope and solve one of the biggest anonymities surrounding human consciousness. He explained that when we look around our environment, pictures get created in our head. “But how does the brain create those images from the chaotic stream of visual information it receives? That's the mystery", said Koch.

There is no simple technique to analyze the brain of a human being when it is in the process of understanding visual information. Therefore, massive volumes of data on mice are being collected by the observatory because the visual system of mice resembles that of humans. The data appears with mice running on a wheel and simultaneously watching still images and movies.

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