Robot ‘DURUS’ can move like a human

Robot ‘DURUS’ can move like a human

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology discovered that a flat footed robot could be made to walk like human, but for mimicking human movement, improvements are required in existing robotic technology. They have created a robot, called DURUS, which can walk and wear shoes like humans do.

Robot makers have so far created robots that could do simple and repetitive tasks, but now, robotics is moving toward creation of more useful robots that could interact with humans and do certain complex tasks, such as housekeeping.

However, to gain such a potential, robots should be made to move up and down on stairways and across carpeted hall. Presently, such tasks are not possible for a flat footed robots or wheeled robots to perform. Here, need to mimic human movement becomes inevitable.

The researchers said that taking a single step like human means a big accomplishment. They created a raft of equations which, if printed, could carpet a football field, and tinkering with DURUS’s algorithms for several days. The robot was able to make its first step last week.

Project researcher Christian Hubicki said achieving this movement was made possible by the mathematics behind human robot movement. As scientists now know how to make a robot strike with its heel, it is possible for them to make future robots perform similar interesting movements.

“Flat-footed robots demonstrated that walking was possible. But they’re a starting point, like a propeller-powered airplane. It gets the job done, but it’s not a jet engine. We want to build something better, something that can walk up and down stairs or run across a field”, said Georgia Tech lab director Aaron Ames.


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