Bronze Age people at Britain’s Pompeii lived much resourceful life than previously believed

Bronze Age people at Britain’s Pompeii lived much resourceful life than previously believed

Archeologists found evidence that suggests people from Bronze Age were engaged in competition with their neighbors. They kept latest needed items for living a better life. The evidences were found from the Must Farm Quarry, which is also known as Britain’s Pompeii that got destroyed in the fire 3,000 years ago.

Researchers discovered various kinds of kitchen appliances. Some people were making high quality textile such as linen. Some of the fabrics were made using threads that were very thin. The textile examples were one of the finest discovered in the Europe. While textiles were part of life of people of Bronze Age, it is rare for them to remain preserved for this long.

Moreover, animal remains found suggested that the people ate wild bear, red deer, claves, lambs and freshwater fish. Remains of porridge type food, emmer wheat, barley grains have been found preserved. In each home, there was an area for cooking food and another area for keeping meat.

Each house had different sized pots, wooden buckets, platter, metal tools, saddle querns, weapons, loom weigh and glass beads. Despite that, analysis of wood used to construct house that suggested that they lived for short period of time before getting destroyed. The site gives lot more evidences about life of the people from that period. It took ten months to dig all these evidences from the site.

“There is a definite sophistication about the whole settlement, and a sense of a real bustling, thriving community”, said Mark Knight, lead archaeologist at the site.

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