PHE spreads awareness about signs that suggest you need doctor’s advice

PHE spreads awareness about signs that suggest you need doctor’s advice

Public Health England (PHE) and health charities are jointly raising awareness regarding symptoms for lung conditions that suggest you to visit a doctor. PHE said identifying signs earlier can make treatment more possible. They are raising awareness as part a campaign that targets men and women aged 50 and over.

The campaign also includes awareness regarding cancer and heart disease. It focuses on older people because they are more vulnerable to many kinds of diseases, such as coronary heart disease, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Coronary heart disease is main type of heart disease and the single biggest cause of death. Every year, it kills more than 56,000 in England, while lung cancer, which is the biggest cancer killer, accounts for about 28,400 deaths each year. COPD kills 24,000 people a year in England.

According to PHE estimates, there are 1.7 million people in England who have one of these conditions, but they are unaware about it. It is estimated that there are a million people with COPD, while those suffering from coronary heart disease could be 600,000. The figure for lung cancer patient could be 80,000.

"This campaign will help people recognise the symptoms and encourage them to seek help, potentially saving lives from what are three of the biggest causes of death in England", said Prof Kevin Fenton, PHE's national director for health and wellbeing.

Paula Chadwick, chief executive of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, said anyone with persistent cough for three weeks or more should go to doctor for help and that one loses nothing by making an appointment rather it saves one’s life.

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