Tesla admits its autopilot feature was on in a car that crashed recently

Tesla admits its autopilot feature was on in a car that crashed recently

In a crash that happened on Sunday involving Tesla car, the company has admitted that its autopilot feature was activated at that time. But the carmaker has mentioned that autopilot feature was not being used correctly at the time of the accident.

In the accident, the motorist survived. But in another accident, a Tesla car owner died when the driver-assist function failed to find another vehicle in the way. These incidents do not make Chief executive Elon Musk to look out for option to disable autopilot.

The incidents have led Musk to decide that Tesla will come up with a blog highlighting how drivers should actually use the technology. The company continues to stick with the statement that customers using autopilot are safer than those who are not using it at all.

The US road safety watchdog is investigating the company’s deployment of the technology. The latest accident took place near Cardwell, Montana. In the incident, Model X turned to hit wooden rails next to a two-lane road.

A spokeswoman was of the view, “The data suggests that the driver's hands were not on the steering wheel, as no force was detected on the steering wheel for over two minutes after autosteer was engaged”.

What has been suggested is against the terms to use the feature. The spokeswoman said that road conditions can become uncertain therefore the system indicated the driver to remain alert and put his hands on the wheel. But he did not do so and shortly after the vehicle collided.

The autosteer feature is best suited for highways. Tesla said that they do not suggest at all to use hugh speeds on undivided roads.


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