One-fourth of study participants engage in sexting with three or more friends

One-fourth of study participants engage in sexting with three or more friends

An Indiana University study asserted that a quarter of people receiving sexually explicit text messages fail to keep them secret. Research scientist Justin Garcia at the Kinsey Institute led the study that used data from 5,000 people ages 20 to 70 that were part of an annual survey sponsored by

The study discovered that 21% of people sent sexually explicit text messages, while 28% of the participants received such texts. And, 73%of them said they did not find it appropriate to share sexts. They think sharing such kinds of texts could affect their reputation, career and others factors linked to sexting.

On the contrary, 23% of the participants do not mind sharing sexts with others. In fact, on average they shared such texts with three or more than three friends. The study found sharing a sext turns off mood of 87% of women, while the proportion in case of their male counterparts was 59%. The study findings were published in the journal Sexual Health online.

"Sexting among singles in the USA: Prevalence of sending, receiving, and sharing sexual messages and images. We can think sexting and think at first, this is something kind of fun, maybe even funny for some, but it turns out there’s some serious implications”, said Garcia.

The study also found that most sexting takes place between those who are in a relationship. It was found that 34% of men and 22% of women in a relationship with a partner sent a suggestive text or image for a reason not oriented to flirting.

Garcia said the next thing to find out is how sexting is shared by people. And, that whether it could be considered as an offence as some Indiana legislators have in past discussed the issue of sextortion and sharing of intimate images.


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