Bill Nye says Journalists haven’t been Pressing Climate Change Issue Hard Enough

Bill Nye says Journalists haven’t been Pressing Climate Change Issue Hard Enough

Bill Nye the Science Guy is famous for his thoughts on science and many other issues. Many Americans have learnt fundamentals of experimental science from successful TV presenter Nye. Earlier, Nye appeared in Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore where he discussed a global trending topic- climate change.

Host Larry Wilmore started the show by introducing Nye’s ideas on how a topic like global warming can be used in political dialogue. Instead of giving an opinion on the matter, the Science Guy blamed journalists for not focusing on the matter. They’re not pressing the issue hard enough, claimed Nye.

During the panel segment, the science educator was in a mood of cracking jokes. He said, “Out there, some hard-hitting investigative reporters — we recognize you because you wear knit ties and they’re loose — I want you to ask the candidates about climate change directly”.

Reporters have to be strict on the topic, he continued. They should ask the candidates directly what they are planning to do to deal with climate change, and what can be the big and extraordinary things, Nye added.

During his appearance on the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, the Science Guy said that Republican candidates are not serious about global climate. There is a lack of concern among them when it is about climate change, said the expert. According to Nye, the main problem is that a number of candidates are getting funds from the fossil fuel industry.

He blamed reporters who don’t believe in putting pressure on Republicans. When Florida senator Marco Rubio was asked about climate change, he said humans are not responsible for global warming. It wasn’t a good move by Rubio which got him trounced in Florida.


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